Compact multifunction network analyser with miniature CTs

Multifunction meter, suitable for three-phase three or four wires systems unbalanced load, even with distorted waveforms. It displays the main electrical measurements of an electrical network, including active and reactive energy counting.
Four versions with direct current input at 63A, 125A, 160A and 250A supplied with triple miniature CTs have been introduced, alongside the version with the CT input, to reduce cost and wiring time. Thanks to its small size and compatibility with spacings of modular switches, the miniature CTs can be mounted in a very small spaces conditions.

The 4 front buttons allow immediate display of the measure concerned, without scrolling all display values.
The display measurement sequence is indicated on each button. 
Thanks to the display digits size and to five backlight setting the meter is easly readable even to a high distance.


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