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Multifunction network analyzer with 3 Rogowski coils

Q96R3H - The multifunction network analyzer is supplied with 3 Rogowski coils, the analyzer input does not require external integrators. It is suitable for use in 3-phase three-wires or four-wires  systems, even with unba- lanced loads and distorted waveforms. It permits to get all the main  measurements, including power and energy both generated and consumed. The connection is simplified with RJ45 connectors. The system is suitable for retrofitting in existing installations and for laboratory use, but also an excellent solution for monitoring electrical networks in new installations.

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COMBI-6 X52D...
- up to 6 indipendent inputs type A,F and B
- specify when ordering the required conguration,
   example: 3 type A,F + 3 typeB
- to be used with TDB and TDC series sensors
- easy programming by 4 front buttons
- space and costs optimization
- 6 trips N/A with common neutral
- remote test reset
- RS485 Modbus + RTC real time clock

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New option for NANO H network analyzers.

It is now available the wiring option for analogue outputs M52U02 - M52U04 also for NANO H network analyzers (Q52P3H - Q52D3H).

The NANO H version combined with the analog outputs allows the remote transmission of any electrical value (4-20mA, 0-20mA, ± 20mA, 0-10V). The analyzer is equipped with two RS485 modbus serial ports, one to transmit data to PLC, SCADA, supervision systems, etc., the other RS485 for connection to the analog output module. The maximum possible configuration is 12 analogue outputs and 6 alarm outputs, in just 12 DIN modules. The user-friendly programming software will allow to set up both the network analyzer and the analog output modules.

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