Compact multifunction network analyser with miniature CTs + THD

Compact multifunctional analyser for use in three-phase three- or four-wire systems with unbalanced load. The NANO H version has, in addition to the main parameters of an electrical network (including bi-directional active and reactive energy counts), an additional set of "advanced" measurements that allow more efficient monitoring, or provide additional information on the operating status of the system. In order to reduce costs and wiring time, alongside the version with input from CTs, 4 versions with direct input 63A, 125A, 160A and 250A have been introduced using the supplied miniaturised triple CT which, thanks to its small size and compatibility with the spacing of the modular circuit breakers, can also be fitted in extremely small spaces. It has RS485-Modbus RTU communication as standard and, as an option, can be equipped with 1 (or 2 if serial communication is not used) programmable alarm output, alternatively as a pulse output for retransmission of active or reactive energy, or connection to the Analogue Output modules.


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