Residual Direct Current monitoring module (RDC-M - Module)

The XTDB022 is a residual direct current monitoring module (RDC-M-module) which, electrically coupled to a protection unit (RCD relay) or switching unit (contactor, relay, etc.), performs the function of the residual direct current monitoring device (RDC-MD), in full compliance with the requirements of IEC 62955.It is used in AC charging stations permanently connected to the mains (mode 3 according to IEC 61851-1), where the presence of a residual direct current detecting device (RDC-DD), capable of interrupting the power supply to the electric vehicle (EV) in the event that this current is equal to or greater than 6 mA, is required in order to guarantee the correct operation of type A or type F RCD installed upstream of the station itself, which could otherwise be “blinded” by the presence of an excessive direct current component.The XTDB022 monitoring module is characterized by a wide cable passing aperture (22.5 mm), while retaining a very small overall size, a JST connector for quick and easy installation, and a diagnostic LED that indicates the different operating status of the system


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