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The kit consists of a multifunction network analyzer NANO series with 3 miniature split-core CTs. It is suitable for use in three-phase with three or four wires electrical systems, even with unbalanced loads and distorted waveforms, for the acquisition of all the main measurements. The small size of the miniature CTs allows an installation even in places with a reduced access, making this system suitable for retrofitting in existing installations, but also an excellent solution for monitoring electrical networks in new installations.

It allows the display of the main quantities of an electrical network (including active and reactive energy counting).
The 4 front keys allow immediate display of the measurement in question without having to browse through all the pages in search of the desired one, guaranteeing great practicality of use.
The sequence of measurements that can be displayed is indicated on the relevant key which, when pressed repeatedly, provides simple and clear access to the relevant display pages. The size of the characters and the display backlighting, which can be adjusted to 5 levels of intensity, make it possible to view the measured values clearly, even from a considerable distance and in all light conditions.


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